Sunday, 4 August 2013

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I'm over here on tumblr now. Blogger is just a pain in the ass to navigate these days and it's obnoxious that they've been bought by google which keeps logging me out of blogger when I'm checking my google e-mail because I've got my blogger attached to my yahoo e-mail and just ugh.

Monday, 18 June 2012

April 26th - May 2nd 2010.

Monday I also took off and went to the doctors for the second time. Whatever they gave me on Friday had not been good enough to shake the bug by Monday and I NEEDED my voice back ASAP. The Doc switched me to Antibiotics and gave me a note telling me to take the week off since I did have something that was quite tough.

Granted I just took the note and went back to work on Tuesday since my voice was back and I'd suffer through it like a trooper. Better to make my bosses feel guilty that I'm working so hard, gives me more leeway later.

The 29th was a national holiday so I played Warcraft and slept all day, one day of work on Friday and then it was my long golden weekend~

awww yeeahh.

Monday, 11 June 2012

April 19-25th 2010

And then I got sick.
I felt like crap all that day on Monday but I suffered through, it wasn't too hard just yet.
The 20th was a standardized testing day so I didn't actually have to teach. I even got paid a little that day from a part time job I had done the month before.
However I lost my voice by the end of the day.

The next day I had not gotten it back, I was nearly completely mute but was able to crock through my classes. I had two returnee classes so I didn't need to speak, and two regular which thank goodness they were some of the well behaved girls so they listened carefully even though I was quiet.

Talking that day however made it worse by Thursday, I was completely mute. I only had three classes but I had to write down instructions and basically give everyone worksheets.

I made arrangements that I wouldn't be in the next day if my voice was still out informing all the teachers and giving them the work I had planned for the next day (Because unlike some people, I actually plan my classes at the beginning of the week for the entire week.)
Waking up with no voice on Friday made the phone call interesting. But as soon as I made a wheezing squeak into the phone the secretary at the school knew it was me since I'd given her a note about losing my voice.

Fortunately since I came in obviously sick all week taking off a few days was really okay with them. K and H (both native Japanese teachers) told me that it was appreciated by everyone that I tried so hard even when I was unwell. I felt kind of guilty, after all it was only my second week in and already I was taking time off.

Friday I went to the doctors, after all if I wasn't going to be at work, I'd better get drugs.

I stayed in all weekend and basically slept the whole time trying to get better for Monday...

Monday, 4 June 2012

April 12-18 2010

I was getting into the swing of things. A little tired the first few days what with having a job to go to every day but it was pretty good. I had a schedule set up and plans for what to teach the kids. I had a Sr 1st returnees class and a Jr 3rd returnee's class that basically I was told these girls were allowed to do whatever the hell they wanted in class, and were guaranteed 100% no matter what they did because the school just didn't have a curriculum for them. So I made plans for movies, book assignments and they had a native speaker textbook although when it came to reading they were all across the board for abilities so it was kind of hard to use.

The 16th was my first school holiday so I went to the city office to change my job and where I lived on my Gaijin card.

Things were looking pretty awesome still.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Friday, 5 August 2011

Ahh and here I was doing so well...

Well I did pretty good for a few months updating every week or so... And then I once again fall off the bandwagon. OH WELL.

Time to get back up on that horse.

Oh and just so you all know, I also have a webcomic that I pay attention to more than this.

So please, check it out

Monday, 4 July 2011

April 5th-11th 2010

I started keeping better track of my days after this so I'll start telling you more details. April 6th was my first day of work, there was no actual work to be done, I just had to come in for a few hours dressed formal, sit around, get a tour, listen to people talk in Japanese and then go home. It was exceptionally boring.

7th was much of the same only I had to give a little speech to the students since I was new. Granted I can't speak Japanese and I later learned, they can't speak English, so it was kind of a failing on all fronts.

8th was also much of the same, only more of me dozing at my desk and going over the textbooks a little.

In hindsight I wish we, (D, K, T and S, the teachers I worked with) would have really taken these first few days to really touch base, make arrangements for a monthly meeting (at minimum) and talked about what we were planning on teaching and when. D and K did this with me in the first week, and we made good arrangement for the Jr1 classes. However S and T made no such arrangements and were two of the most scatterbrained, unorganized and uncommunicative people I have ever met. So for the Jr 2, Jr 3 and Sr 2 classes which I unfortunately taught with them (the REST of my classes basically) You'll notice a slow but sure decent of me going nuts.

The 9th classes started. I had made a cute little "Classroom English" worksheet for my classes since I didn't realize how LOW these girls English was.

Each grade was split into 2 to 4 groups, and every class the 2 to 4 teachers would rotate between them. You'd think with such a style of teaching communicating what chapters you covered, what questions you answered or what problems you had in class would be priority. We had books that we'd pass back and fourth to tell each other what we did.
Assuming the teacher before bothered to fill it out.
Or had legible writing.
Or wrote in English.

10th Soda and I packed up his apartment. My packing was easy. Everything I owned still fit in two suitcases. Soda had more problems and needed to borrow two mini vans for all his stuff.

By the 11th we were all moved into the new place. It was lovely. My bedroom was larger than the old apartment, had two gorgeous sun facing windows, we were next to the train tracks but I sleep with earplugs anyway so I can live with it.

We would be paying about Y60,000 to 65,000 depending on utilities.

From the move I owed Soda about 3g in money and back-rent. But with my pay I'd be able to get that back to him in about 2 months.